Golf Buggy Customers

A range of companies and individuals buy golf buggies for a variety of different reasons.

Not just for golf courses

When customers buy golf buggies from us here at Motorculture, they have a wide variety of different uses.

Please call us for help choosing the best golf buggy to suit you or your business.

Hotel & Spa Retreat, Nigeria

We sold and shipped 13 new golf buggies and 7 used buggies to a company called Nestoil in Lagos, Nigeria.

This was a great order for us as delivering this shipment to Nigeria was an incredible learning experience delving into the intricacies of exporting golf buggies.

Nestoil needed a variety of buggies for the new hotel and spa retreat they are opening.

We sold them a range of Cushman and EZGO golf buggies including Cushman Shuttle 2+2 buggies, Cushman Shuttle 6 seaters, EZGO TXT 2+2 and EZGO TXT buggies both with and without cargo boxes.

We added company logos and flags to each buggy and sent golf buggy accessories including weather enclosures and spare wheels in the container.

The EZGO TXT buggies with cargo boxes will be used to transport luggage or equipment around the hotel while the Cushman Shuttle 6 and Cushman Shuttle 2+2 will be used for escorting the guests around the retreat.

Golf buggy exports

If you need one or two buggies or a fleet of golf buggies for your hotel or business we can help.

From all new buggies or all used buggies to a mixture of new and used, please get in touch. We deliver throughout the UK and export golf buggies all over the world.

Growers & Garden Centres

Buying golf buggies to quickly move supplies and equipment around vast greenhouses and farmland.

We have sold EZGO RXV Elite buggies to our returning customers at Vitacress.

Vitacress are a huge gardening company growing watercress, leafy salads and fresh herbs using a network of farms and numerous hectares of glasshouses.

At Motorculture we upgraded their buggies by adding a cargo box onto the rear of each Ezgo vehicle to make it more versatile.

Due to the size of the areas their farms cover, they have bought several of buggies from us to help with the day to day running of moving products and equipment around.

Golf buggy upgrades to suit your business

We can customise golf buggies by adding cargo boxes to carry additional loads to make your life easier.

In addition to cargo boxes, to update and personalise your golf buggy we also sell golf buggy batteries, tow bars, buggy covers and weather enclosures.

You can also add extra security to your golf buggy with our brake locks and buggy light kits.

Buggies for Construction Sites

We sold construction company, O'Neil Construction, an EZGO RXV Elite golf buggy.

O'Neil wanted a buggy as it's a small vehicle that can easily whip around construction sites and can go through narrow spaces where other vehicles can't.

They bought an Ezgo buggy from us at Motorculture to primarily transport construction site guests from the main gates to site offices and show homes saving them the long walk up a hill but that could also be used by site managers, building inspectors, surveyors etc. to quickly move around sites.

Teamed with our all weather enclosures, golf buggies are also ideal to keep passengers clean and dry around muddy construction sites in the pouring rain.

Versatile vehicles

You wouldn't expect that construction companies use golf buggies, but it just goes to show how versatile they really are.

Golf Buggies for Golfers

Mr Siver bought an EZGO RXV Electric golf buggy to use on his local golf course.

At lots of golf clubs golfers can book and hire golf buggies but regular golfers often bring or store and then use their privately owned buggy when playing a round.

Using your own golf buggy when playing golf has many advantages.


  • Convenient - no need to book a cart as your golf buggy is always available at any tee time you choose
  • Using a private buggy means no more additional golf buggy or trolley hire fees
  • Faster to travel between holes so more time to play golf
  • No more carrying heavy golf bags
  • Golfing partners often share golf buggies reducing costs further
  • You can personalise your golf buggy to suit your individual requirements

Convenient electric golf buggies

Having a fast charging electric golf buggy is easier and therefore often cheaper to maintain.

Golf buggies for sale

For details of all our new golf buggies for sale please call or email. If you're looking to buy a single golf buggy or buy a fleet of golf buggies, we can help.

Customising your golf buggy

Whether you would like to upgrade your golf buggies to fit your corporate identity or you would like to buy golf buggy accessories to personalise your own buggy, we can help.

Ezgo golf buggy sales UK
Cushman golf buggy sales UK
Club Car golf buggies for sale UK

Please call us to order golf buggy accessories to update and customise your golf buggy.


We have extensive experience in Ezgo buggies, Cushman and Club Car vehicles, which means we can offer advice and answer any golf buggy questions you may have.

02392 599 998

Golf buggy delivery, servicing and repairs

We deliver golf buggies throughout the UK and export golf buggies overseas, we can also service and repair your golf buggy for you.

For more information, to buy golf buggy accessories or to book a golf buggy service, please contact us.

Ezgo golf buggies for sale UK
Cushman golf buggy sales UK
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Visit where we have a selection of secondhand golf buggies for sale.

Our used buggies include secondhand Ezgo, secondhand Cushman buggies and secondhand Club Car carts.

Used Ezgo golf buggy sales UK
Used Club Car golf buggies for sale UK
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